Chemical elucidation of molecular mechanism of protein functions

TIme-resolved measurements of changes in chemical state and molecular structure of proteins

Developments and application of microfluidc devices to monitor the chemical reactions

Contribution to medical treatment by comprehensive analysis of proteins


There are cells with various functions in our body. Where does the difference come from? Proteins are made from RNA which is transcribed from DNA in the cell. Proteins are really important actors in a cell. However, because RNA is experimentally much easier to study than protein, the characteristics of the cell have been explained based on information on the type and amount of RNA. However, it is known that there is small correlation between the amount of RNA and protein, and that the cellular position and modification state of the protein in the cell varies depending on the cell type. We are working on technological development of proteome analysis to comprehensively measure and analyze proteins in cells. We also use this technique to focus on protein dynamics in stem cells.