About our Strategy

Our aim is to chemically understand the design and action principles of molecular systems, which is composed of several protein molecules or their domains. Enzymatic reactions, transport of allocrites, and structural formation/fluctuation of proteins are our target phenomena. Novel time-resolved measurements equipped with microfluidic devices are developed and applied to analyze the molecular mechanism.

Experimental Equipments

Home-made Time-resolved UV/vis absorption spectrometer
Inverted Fluorescence Microscopi (Olympus IX71)
Fluorescence Lifetime Measurment System (Becker-Hickl)
UV/vis absorption spectrometer (Hitachi U-3900H)
General Purpose Centrifuge (himac CF16RN)
Table-top General Purpose Centrifuge (himac CT15RE)
Objective microscope (Shimadzu motic TYpe101M)
Vacuum line for gas exchange
FTIR absorption spectrometer (Jasco)
Stopped-flow UV/vis absorption spectrometer (UNISOK)
FPLC system (GE healthcare AKTA Pure)
Ultracentrifuge (himac CF70N) Refrigerated Centrifuge (himac CR22N)
Large-size shaker (Eppendorf New Brunswick Innova 44R)
Incubator (EYELA)